Shakespeare Anniversary Ride, Sunday April 24, 2016

Shakespeare Anniversary Ride, Sunday April 24, 2016
Full many a glorious morning I have seen,
When rouleurs gather by the Wetherstones pub
And chat and reminisce on what has been
Till they are called to leave; ay there’s the rub.
So it was on April’s four-and-twentieth day
When in a loose and straggling peloton
The twelve set forth along their merry way,
The Newham trail there to embark upon.
First the sudden hill up to Porth Kea,
A short sharp shock to steel them to their task,
The morning air affrighted with their agony
Their steaming breaths beholds; though none shall ask
To stop, and none be left behind
As down through banks of cowslips and primroses
To Cowlands pretty creek they wind
Where time stands still and ruthless progress dozes.
Then on, and on, and on down Harris’s Hill,
Its apostrophe in right and proper place,
Past hawthorn, bluebell, tidal mill
Affluent Point and Devoran, where the pace
Quickens all along the Bissoe trail
And from the distant sea the wind blows cold
As charity, and Twelveheads, Sunrise and Smokey Joe’s
Are passed by rouleurs young and, mostly, old.
Then nor-nor-west up to Wheal Rose
And then Elm Farm, where coffee, tea and bacon baps are sold.
Written by our own bicycling bard – Rod Tinson
Riders:  Rod Tinson, Hugo Whitlock, Ian Cook, Peter Hargreaves, John Gilbert, Huw Greenish, David Folland, Richard Moore, Ros and Paul Delderfield, Dave Bennett, Jonathan Angilley, Debbie Barnett, Niq Carter-Rowe.


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