Longish easiesh ride to Crantock 29.5.2016

Niq, Huw, DaveB, Dave F, Rod, Hugo, John G, Paul and Ros D, Christine, Jonathan, Carl, Ian and Peter

We met for once in glorious sunshine. Too big a group it seemed to stay together so Niq and Huw formed a breakaway with their own agenda but the same destination.

We left Truro using Christine’s secret route through Daubuz Moor and Rosedale estate before dropping sedately down to Idless and “dodge the potholes” on to Rod’s turning.
Turning right towards St Allen and then left to Zelah we had our first encounter with the Bank Holiday traffic when eventually crossing the main road.
At Monkey Tree turning, Jon and Jonathan went their own way while we followed NCN 32 to the Pet Cemetery and through Fiddlers Green to the crossroads, where we turned left to meet the A3075, which proved even more difficult to cross than the A30 had been.
Right, Right (after some debate), Left, Left brought us into Crantock where we arrived, disconcertedly, at the back door of the Cozy Nook Cafe.
We were soon joined by Niq and Huw, who had cycled 10 more miles than us, and then Chris F, who kept his journey quiet.
Following lunch, Carl , enjoying much better company, went his way and so did Huw. Our remaining group backtracked to Zelah and on to Goonhavern. From there it was a familiar journey through Bolingey, Perranporth, Perrancoombe and on to Opie’s Cottage Hill, where Peter demonstrated his turbo setting on the ebike: impressive, but still not enough to shake off Chris Fearnley. Christine left for home at this juncture.
Left turn at Barkla Shop and then on towards Tiverton Cross.. Soon Peter and Hugh left us at Two Burrows and then we freewheeled down Key Downs road to the sawmills, where the parting of the ways occurred. Rod and I followed Chris F’s exhaust smoke towards Truro, where I finally reached home.

37 miles and average speed 11.5 mph, so, as Christine commented, “quite fast”

Apologies, Dave Bennett (ride leader)

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