Lost: Gardens of Heligan: Reward offered: Contact TCC


In contrast to the planned ride to Polgooth, a small group of riders determined to see if they could locate the gardens at Heligan. The weather was cloudy with rain forecast, so it was a race to see which arrived first, the cafe at Heligan, or the threatened precipitation.
The route, possibly by now as usual, took Moresk Road up to the, as usual, shut on Sundays, Waitrose P & R.followed by a leisurely decent into Tresilian, with a left fork off the main road, continuing up Truck Hill to Probus. A right turn at the town square, bearing more left, onto Tregony Road, down towards the A390.
Squiggle very carefully across the busy road, and onto what was the old A390, ah, peace, no traffic…
Another right and left, left again creaking up the hill through Tregony, following the B3287 until signs for the lost gardens were espied, one even said “Lost Gardens of Heligan, 15 minutes”, how did they know how fast we were going to be cycling I wonder…
We arrived still dry just before both the rain and the 12 o’clock queue round the block, at the spacious cafe, with its wonderful selection of cooked on the premises pies, roasts, home grown vegetables, and even a very appetising Fritata, or at least that’s what more knowledgeable members of the group said it was, cheesy chips it wasn’t, but none the less made a pleasant enough substitute.
15.4 miles, average speed 11.1 mph
Surprisingly, various adverse comments were made about the mud coffee, not surprising because it did have a very mud like quality, but surprising because on previous visits the coffee had been of much better quality, and one would hope it would be on any future occasions. Whilst engaged in amiable conversation, don’t mention the Brexit, in the cafe, the rain was observed to begin falling, as predicted by the modern day M Fishes, but with more accuracy. Consequently the group set off back to Truro wondering if waterproofs were the order of the day
The route back consisted of heading more or less directly towards Coombe, across the A390 at Hewas Water, with a left turn just before Coombe, across the River Fal at the delightful old mill. Thence towards Grampound Road, where the group split into those living in a different direction, and those returning to Truro.
Unfortunately all the while the rain had been falling more steadily, transitioning as we cycled, from a few scattered drops, to a more persistent, but still relatively light fall.
From Grampound Road the smaller group of Truro bound riders headed directly downhill to Ladock, turning left up the valley, back to Tresillian, and the usual nip and tuck through Pencalenick.
In order to escort the visiting rider (from Lichfield CC) back to a familiar point, where he would be able to navigate an unequivocal route to Come To Good, his chosen holiday location, the ride then continued through Truro and up Lemon Street, down the Old Coach Road, and up to Playing Place. Eventually arriving at our assorted destinations only half wet, more precisely being only wet on the front and not the back, with a 51% to 49% split in favour of being dry, but still better than being entirely wet…
18.8 Miles at 10.8 mph (or at least for some of the group)

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