Sunday July 3rd. Unofficial Ride

Unofficial Ride – – Gmail

Sunday July 3rd. Unofficial Ride, to “wherever you feel like, but I really fancy pudding at the Victory, Towan Cross”
Due to there being no official ride, which in turn was due to all hands being summoned for marshaling duties at the planned club time trial, taking place at some far flung destination, and starting at some unimaginably early time, (well Roach actually, and probably for those with most to do, around 5AM), a strictly limited turn out was expected at Lemon Quay…
None the less at the appointed hour 3 club members materialised on the Quay,
unfortunately one of them merely to report that she had sustained a badly sprained wrist,
and one of the other to report that he didn’t really fancy the Victory for lunch…
Thus it was that the ride belatedly set off, at a leisurely pace, with a view to probably arriving at Hell’s Mouth in time for lunch, or at the very least somewhere with some cheesy chips…
Consequently the riders set off up Chapel Hill, across to Penweathers, turned left at the railway bridge fork, straight across the Balhdu road, eventually turning right onto the Bisso road, straight on to Cusgarne Hill, turning left at the T junction, up through Frogpool, right towards the main road, squiggling across the A393 at the Burncose garden centre. all the way up the hill, through the picturesquely, but accurately named “Higher Tretharrup”, before taking the right turning at the T junction, towards Four Lanes, and right again down Buller Hill, almost immediately left onto Copper Lane, left again towards Carnkie, but again almost immediately making a right turn down Church Coombe, and the perhaps unsurprisingly through Church Town, before heading abruptly uphill through Carn Brea Village and onto the initially steep, but beautifully tarmacked, cycle track,  eventually turning right across the railway bridge down the historically named Druids Road, a left turn past the redolent waste recycling centre, straight on,
nodding an acquiescence to the possibly sporting folk clustered round the Carn Brea Leisure Centre,  followed by an immediate right and straight on under the A30, towards Tehidy Woods.
A brief discussion was held on passing the entrance to the enfolding woods and their concealed cafe , at some quarter to 12,
A “shall we stop for coffee here?”
B “do they do cheesy chips?”
A “no”
B “no”
So it was that the ride passed around the bottom corner of Tehidy Woods, and to the right up the deceptively steep Coombe climb,  before arriving triumphantly at the Hell’s Mouth Cafe, just after noon…
18.5 miles, average 9.9 mph
cheesy chips1
After a brief refreshment consisting variously of Hot Chocolate /Americano /Cheesy chips, dependant on the individual preference, the ride continued along the North Cliffs towards Portreath, where swimming or a rest was promulgated, again depending on the individual preference.
4 miles, average 14.4 mph
Thence from Portreath up  Cambrose, right through “oh no not that hill” alternatively known as Mawla, right towards Wheal Rose, left through Skinners Bottom,
with the riders parting company at this point…
6.6 miles, average 10.7 mph
strawberry shortcake
Pudding was found later that day, after a short additional cycle ride, lurking on the menu at the Victory, Towan Cross, to whit “Strawberry and Cream Shortbread Stack”,
which consisted of a tea plate to which had been glued, with clotted cream, a homemade shortbread, approximately 5 inches across, and 1 inch deep,
which in turn was guarded by a ring of vertical strawberry halves, artfully concealing possibly an entire tub of clotted, surmounted,
by yet another monumental shortbread, surmounted by, you guessed it, more clotted, offset of course by a delicately placed strawberry,
your RYA (recommended yearly allowance) of clotted, in one pudding, anyone?

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