Intermediate-ish ride to Tehidy Woods 31/07/2016


Before it set out, the ride changed its mind, this was due to the easy ride which it had been scheduled to meet up with, moving its location to Tehidy Woods, which in turn was due to the unkind removal of the bridge over the railway at Greenbottom, which in turn meant that there was no suitable short ride available to get to Hell’s Mouth…
Consequently the ride set out on a more of a “make it up as you go along, but try and get to Tehidy for 12”, than a well defined route.
Fortunately the sun was shining and only a light breeze was blowing, roughly from the south west, so the ride set out up Chapel Hill, across towards Penweathers, and as often is the case, turned left at the railway bridge, crossed the Carnon Downs road, and dived down towards the Bissoe Road.
Regretfully passing the Bissoe Cafe, way too early for a coffee break, the riders continued onward towards Frogpool, studiously ignoring the right had turn to Trehadle, they continued up past, and again dutifully ignored, the Cornish Arms, (we really must try and go their one Sunday), a right hand turn at the Frogpool Church, along to the zigzag to the right opposite the Burncose Nursery, followed by a left up towards Four Lanes.
Despite having the intention of continuing straight up via Higher Treharrup, and across Buller Hill, towards Piece, the ride diverted to the left towards Trethellan Water,
through Penhalvean, and onwards towards Four Lanes.
The ride paused briefly at the summit of the hill, in order to properly observe the fact that, from their vantage point, looking behind they could see the sea in the direction of the Falmouth Bay,  to the left, the sea at Praa Sands, and to the front St Ives Bay.
The ride continued on emerging at cross roads in the middle of Four Lanes, and the now unfortunately closed Victoria Inn, a left and a subsequent right, by the Chapel that again unfortunately like so many, had been converted to other uses, in this case an office furniture store, took the ride on a slightly circuitous loop, towards Piece, this artifice only being necessitated due to the foreshortened nature of the route,  otherwise it would have been eminently satisfactory to cross the road directly at the Victoria.
A swift zoom down hill from Piece, and the riders were treated to the delights of Pool and the well known, or possibly well avoided, Tesco Extra, again straight on, past “Heartlands”, apparently only named this by default, they had to have some designation for the initial stages of planning and discussion, but had the firm intention of changing it to something more suitable later, but as with so many things, the name persisted by default.
Straight on along Mount Whistle Road, and lo, there was the beckoning sign for Tehidy woods, pausing only to pass comment about the thatched gatekeepers lodge,
that has mysteriously but beautifully acquired a more or less imperceptibly different from the original, extension, on either side, tripling it’s floor space, but in no way detracting from the feel of its period charm and elegance, clad as the additions are in matching thatch and lovingly crafted stone.
Arrived at the cafe, at 11.55, having ridden 16.2 miles at a relaxed average speed of 10.6mph
After ravenously consuming a very acceptable “wholemeal, bacon and egg bap”, washed down with coffee, and with the arrival of the “easy” ride, the rider leader felt emboldened to abandon his charges, to the care of the “easy” leader, for the return trip, and set off for a swim at Portreath.
Having emerged refreshed from a very pleasant swim, and just as he was remounting his steed by the bus stop, who should arrive, flying down the Portreath hill, but the rest of the party.
Consequently the riders set off en-mass back towards Truro, via Cambrose.  It was part way up this hill that the group was witness to disconcerting incident involving three other vehicles, no one was apparently injured, but having been involved in an even more hair raising near miss earlier in the week, the erstwhile “intermediate” ride leader precipitously fled the scene
The Diaspora
Distance unknown, but in at least one case, 5.5 miles, average speed, ditto, and 11mph respectively
Intermediate riders:  Bernard Chegge, Penny Holt, Matthew Davies, Niq Carter-Rowe (ride leader)
Easy riders:  John Gilbert, Ian Cook, Rod Tinson, Jude Lawrence, John Flowers, Dave Bennett (ride leader).

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