Intermediate ride to Porkellis

At the start, more than one of our group of six asked me: ‘Where is Porkellis?’ Understandable, since it is (sort of) in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t really very much there. But there is a pub. Also an understandable question, because the last time I took a  ride here, about three years ago, one of the riders thought we were going to Polkerris. That’s much further. And in the opposite direction. Anyway, thanks to those who were happy for me to lead them into the unknown.

Apart from Paul Charlesworth, none of the others had been with me on that earlier trip, which had the same route apart from a necessary diversion via Bissoe to get to Chacewater, caused by the bridge repair at Greenbottom. (I won’t describe the whole route because you can see it here, but will point out that technically we shouldn’t have cycled along the path alongside the A30 behind Rodda’s creamery, since it’s a footpath. Sorry. We should have dismounted. ).

After a sunny ride with a little headwind, we arrived at the pub at the perfect time of 11:58, ‘just enough time’, Penny said, ‘to park the bikes’. And then the pub doors opened; drinks and food ordered we sat in the sunny garden. Excellent food too; lovely baguettes with local ham and cheese, good value as well. (note to Niq: cheesy chips also on offer). And good beer for the two of us who indulged. The pub is called the Star Inn; only one star but I’d give it five for quality and hospitality. Afterwards, the SW wind helped us sail back towards Truro. We stayed together as a group until Mike split off for home via King Harry, and the rest of us went our various ways after joining the Newham Trail.

So, this turned out to be one of the nicest little rides I’ve done for a while. a perfect 60km at slightly higher-than-average intermediate speed of 19km/hr (nearly 12 mph). Thanks to everyone: Dave, Penny, Melinda, Paul, and Mike (who took the photo).

intermediate riders Polkerris

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