Twelve go to Cardinham Woods. 12.08.2016

Perhaps it was the first day for a long while with no wind, no rain, and a decent 20 degrees that brought everyone out – it was certainly the first day in a long while that I’ve had eleven other riders on an outing.

A few miles after leaving Truro I seemed to have re-learned how to count to twelve again, ensuring that all were still present at each turn. But I had to soon give up sprinting to the front for each turn, after dropping back for the previous one to do the count, otherwise I mightn’t have made it to the destination. No problem, the faster riders waited patiently at turns if I wasn’t yet there (although I did miss one little short cut which would have saved a bit of a climb).

Malcolm turned back for home shortly before our coffee & cake destination, so leaving 11 of us to sit and discuss various Olympic results (including the amazing feat of riding horizontally along the velodrome barrier).

I had two separate routes back planned, but decided to take the easier one which had far less climbing than on the way out. You can see the whole route here. The faster riders gave up a bit on us slower ones on the return, and went a slightly longer route but still managed to get back first. I see from the Strava ‘fly-by’ function that Chris R, Josh and Shaun (and maybe others?) waited quite a while for us at Truck Fork, but decided to leave just before we arrived. Sorry we weren’t quick enough!  Dom, I hope your puncture towards the end was fixed OK – sorry we didn’t stop but thought you could find your way back from there!

Riders: Jeremy, Mike, Gareth, Chris R, Shaun, Dom (with guest rider James), John and Barney, Josh (on leave from Portsmouth),  Malcolm and me Chris F.

Average speed: slower riders 15 mph, faster ones 17. Distance just under 60 miles. Heaven knows why the advance publicity said 45 miles. Apologies if it was too far for anyone……

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