Intermediate-ish ride to Bolingey 14.08.2016


This ride set out to be a carefully planned intermediate route to the Bolingey Inn, with the aim of providing just enough distance and encompassing the requisite number of hills, so that the riders would feel that they had earned one of the famous Bolingey doorstops…
As usual things did not go according to plan, hands up those who are surprised, yes I can tell from all the hands I can’t see, that this was probably not an unexpected outcome.
However the ride departed with good intentions, up the Idless valley, right at the solar panel view T junction,up and through St Allen, left at the junction with the little triangular green, squiggle up to the main A30, struggle to cross through the traffic and the hedge, right towards the top of Rejerrah, aka the big dipper.  Again struggle to cross the main Newquay road, straight on towards Cubert, and abrupt left turn down by The Smugglers, freewheel along some quite narrow steep lanes, watch out for the oncoming cars, (at least Carl would have had the evidence on tape, so to speak, had something gone awry )
Squiggle round to Rose, at this point either the plan seemed to go amiss, or the ride leader was bent on drawing rude shapes on Strava, for instead of continuing past the dunes/army camp, and hurtling down past the golf club into Perranporth,  the ride diverged back towards Goonhavern, followed by a right at the double mini, and a swoop downhill, past the usual right turn, all the way to the bottom, before making the possibly hazardous right turn up towards white house junction, there rejoining the “normal” route straight down hill towards the welcoming Bolingey Inn, with a minor dog leg diversion down and round quarry road.
Distance 17.1 miles, average speed 10.1 mph, not quite as taxing as originally promulgated
(For comparison see the following weeks “proper” intermediate to Crantock:- 22.1 miles, avg 13.1 mph )
A pleasant repast was had by all that included amongst other things, at least one ginormous portion of freshly battered onion rings, and an equally large, but welcome dish of cheesy chips, either one of which would have fed an entire weight watchers class.
Mention should also be given to the doorstops, which slices of bread were about one and half inches thick (in old money), it was suggested that should one of these slices be immersed in one of the plentiful bowls of hot soup it might have contrived to suck up all the liquid, resulting in a highly dense, nutritious, but very difficult to eat, food, comparable in stature to Pratchett’s “Dwarf Bread”
After overdoing it on the coffee, the group set off at a leisurely pace, via Perranporth, Perrancombe, and assorted routes back to Truro,  which once again, and for the next several months, were and will be forced to encompass the reality of the closed Greenbottom bridge…
Intermediate Riders:  Carl Jackaman, Sarah Payne, Jonathan Bello, Penny Holt, Niq Carter-Rowe (ride leader and report writer)
Easy Riders (who were met at Bolingey):  John Gilbert, Ros and Paul Delderfield, David Folland, Jonathan Angilley, Christine and Mike Rogers, Peter Hargreaves, Jude Lawrence and John Flowers.

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