Monthly Archives: September 2016

Intermediate ride to Lost Gardens of Heligan 18 September 2016

  The intermediate ride although low in numbers set out in good weather and spirits, not the least because the Garmin had behaved itself and dutifully regurgitated the route it had been fed the night before, for the riders to follow, taking one of the few, more or less sensible, routes out of Truro, up […]

Intermediate ride to Morgans, St Agnes 11 September 2016

  The intermediate ride set out in good weather with the intention of riding to Wendy’s Coffee Barn (AKA Morgans, the artist formerly known as Presingoll Barns), via a circuitous route involving the much maligned Waitrose Park and Ride, a short stretch of the Ladock Valley and a sharp right turn after the railway bridge […]

Intermediate ride to Victoria Inn, Roche, 28.8.2016

  The ride set out under cool cloudy skies, making a good pace up the Kenwyn Road, before making what might now be termed, the “usual” right turn down the Idless valley, right at the Llama farm T, through St Allen, right at that confusing little grassy triangle, all the way up to the A30, […]