Intermediate ride to Victoria Inn, Roche, 28.8.2016


The ride set out under cool cloudy skies, making a good pace up the Kenwyn Road,
before making what might now be termed, the “usual” right turn down the Idless valley, right at the Llama farm T, through St Allen, right at that confusing little grassy triangle, all the way up to the A30, which due to the bank holiday, was heavy with traffic, more or less stopped in the east bound direction, but unhelpfully continuous in the westbound.
From here left and right through St. Newlyn East, following the helpful Lappa Valley railway signs, straight across the A3058, near Dairy World, straight on past the obscure “Luke’s Shop”, and again straight across the main road at White Cross,  passing through Higher Trekenning before joining the A3059 at the rather forbidding St Columb roundabout.
Hurtle down the main road, past the little known Providence, and the more well known Castle an Dinas, well known for its ancient iron age fort, but much less well known for its more or less contemporary Wolfram mine, opened in the Great War and closed in the rock and roll era, or so I believe.
A brisk downhill run, followed by  braking sharply for the left hand turn up along the more pleasingly aesthetic side road through Belowda, right onto the B3274, cross over the A30, left onto the old Bodmin road, and whoosh we all arrived, having only seen a maximum of 3 raindrops in total. (In contrast to the easy ride, who were forced by heavy showers to don waterproofs and even seek shelter on one occasion, and who in consequence, to our mild concern arrived later than the appointed hour )
Distance 21.1 miles, average speed 12.8 mph, ( heart rate bpm, average 113, max 140)
Diaspora, back to Truro, on a round-a-bout route via St Enoder and Ladock, making good use of the new Tresillian Cycle Track, but ignoring the obnoxious Waitrose Park and Ride obstacle course…
Distance 18.7 miles, average speed 12.2 mph ( heart rate bpm, average 87, max 122 )

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