Intermediate ride to Morgans, St Agnes 11 September 2016


The intermediate ride set out in good weather with the intention of riding to Wendy’s Coffee Barn (AKA Morgans, the artist formerly known as Presingoll Barns), via a circuitous route involving the much maligned Waitrose Park and Ride, a short stretch of the Ladock Valley and a sharp right turn after the railway bridge at the start of the valley.
However as keen observers are wont to observe, the best laid plans of mice etc. In this case the approximately 1500 flies in the ointment of smooth progression, although two wheeled, were powered by infernal combustion engines and not legs.
So it was that immediately prior to entering the P & R, what initially was taken as a welcoming sign, the gates unusually were all open, promptly transmogrified into the start of the “Martin Jennings Memorial Ride”, which charitable event, commemorating the death of its namesake in the Isle of Man TT, has in previous years attracted 1500 motorbikes.
Consequently the ride split at the top of Tresillian into those participants who were mixing it with the bikers, and those who had, in what had at the time seemed like a sensible move, elected to take the cycle path down the opposite side of the road.  This mask of reason promptly dropped away at the bottom of the hill when the ride attempted to regroup, with the pro-cycle path faction being marooned on the wrong side of the road, prevented from crossing by a mobile barricades of 3 abreast motorised chariots, some of which even possessed three wheels to add to the chaos.
Having eventually surmounted this challenge the group arrived at the bridge at the end of Tressillian, only to realise that one of their number had gone ahead, and was now lost in a swirling maelstrom of fossil fuelled demons.
At this point the sensible decision was made to cut off right immediately, without traversing any of the distance towards Ladock, due to the melange of motorbikes being so loud that it was difficult to think, so the group set off up an unknown route towards Trispen, callously abandoning their compatriot to his alternate posse, but having made several attempts to contact him by phone, which were to no avail. In which context it later transpired had failed both because he did not have his phone with him, and even if he had, the ride leader was in possession of the wrong number, which circumstance however did make for an amusing interlude later in the ride, when a random female voice contacted the bemused ride leader, in pursuit of clarification as to why there had been several calls and a text to her number from what to her was an unknown source.
Having traversed what is shown with good reason, on Strava, as “The Trispen Stairs”, the ride zig zagged across the, helpfully empty of traffic, A39 and proceeded in the direction of St Allen, before turning right, towards the A30 and left towards Goonhavern. Following the route often taken in the after lunch portions of many rides, a right turn on the Perranwell road took us down to Bolingey, and straight on past the Bolingey Arms, no stopping for the famous doorstops and cheesy chips today, straight on up the hill. Passing near the top on the bend the interestingly named, possibly self built, cross between a beach hut and a bungalow, signed “At Last”, which lead to much speculation as to if that signified any of the following, “Got planning permission/retired/paid of the mortgage/the kids have moved out/made it back to Cornwall”
Rejoining the main road, a left away from Perranporth, and a right dropping down into Mithian, once again waving to another familiar haunt, The Miners Arms, before turning right onto the St Agnes road once again left, down hill, ignore the chevrons for a change, struggle up the next hill, sharp left towards  and through Goonbell, right towards St Agnes again, a few hundred yards and we reached the cosy environs of Wendy’s Coffee Barn, arriving only a quarter of an hour later than planned, to be greeted by much hilarity by the already comfortably seated members of the easier ride, due to only 1 leader and one follower from the intermediate group making it into the cafe, the others variously getting lost on the way, departing the ride en-route by design, or simply not deigning to stop for any kind of freshly made snack-ette
Distance 19.1 miles, average speed 11.3 mph, ( heart rate bpm, average 112, max 136 )
After a very pleasant lunch and some agreeable discourse, the riders set out in multiple different directions, for various destinations, some of which even included Truro,
the very inconvenient, still closed to traffic, nature of the Greenbottom road/rail bridge not withstanding
Diaspora, back to in the direction of Truro, mostly…
Distance 9.9 miles, average speed 10.7 mph ( heart rate bpm, average 94, max 126 )
Ride Leader:  Niq Carter-Rowe

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