Trerice Ride 25th September 2016

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The intermediate ride set out in the direction of Trerice with the perhaps uninspired aim of “not riding up the Ladock Valley” for a change, although this mandate did not extend to “not passing through the Waitrose car park”, aka the P & R, this as it turned out was not unexpectedly, (although possibly it would be inaccurate to state “for a change”), devoid of ravening hordes of leather clad bikers aka the Marin Jennings Memorial ride.
Consequently the ride proceeded smoothly along Tresillian and with what seemed like a following wind up through Probus, before forking left to Grampound Road, followed by a continual climb for some long, long distance, which occasioned a triumphant pause at Seaview Terrace, partly for a rest and partly to try and work out where exactly the sea was to be seen.
It was however concluded that this might require climbing on top of the wardrobe in an upstairs bedroom in one of the afore mentioned terraced houses, before craning ones head out of the window.  Equally one of the riders claimed that the blue smudge, visible to those with either a snipers eye-sight, or more likely the sight in question would be the telescopic one from said sniper’s rifle, which could just about be made out in the distance possibly to the north west, roughly in the direction of Newquay, was actually the sea…
Rested but still geographically puzzled the group continued at a fair clip downhill carefully crossing the A3058, which helpfully was not too busy, passing under the forbidding gloomy concrete overpass supporting the A30, making an unfamiliar right turn at the familiar roundabout into Fraddon, which, as per the ride mission statement, had not been approached from the direction of the Ladock Valley, and then picking out the right hand turn more or less hidden between the houses, aka Barton Lane, the surface of which seemed to be in much a much better state than the last time the club had visited, but which also unfortunately carried a concomitant coating of loose gravel, which made the bend-laden downhill descent something of a nerve racking minefield for those of a skinny tired persuasion.
A swift left at White Cross took us past what used to be, and probably to the relief, or not, if you’ll pardon the pun, of the local residents, no longer is “Dav’s Lavs, Purveyor of Porta-loos to the Public”, although probably not with a royal warrant, but which has now transmogrified into an only slightly more salubrious second hand car emporium.
Thence on past another previously remarked upon landmark “Luke’s Shop”, and once more, mysteriously crossing back across the A3058, before that final sprint downhill, but watch out for that last awkward tee junction with the steep uphill turn to the right,
better change down before your turn, or you’ll be stuck, and if you made it up the last few hundred yards, without stripping any cogs…
Congratulations you’ve reached Trerice…
Distance 19.8 m avg speed 12.2 mph (heart rate bpm, avg 105, max 133)
The return journey to Truro provoked a certain degree of perplexed head scratching, the “usual” return route would have involved something on the lines of Newlyn East, Fiddlers Green, Goonhavern, Perranporth, Perrancombe, Mithian/Goonbell followed by a “make it up as you go along” finale, dependant on the final destinations but probably comprising either Silverwell/Shortlanesend or Dangerous Crossing/Greenbottom/Threemilestone.
However extra thought needed to be applied to the route, for the threefold reasons of, keeping the total distance as low as possible and as a navigational aid to return the guest rider home, and equally because as has now been the case, for several weeks, the road bridge over the railway at Greenbottom is still out of operation.
Consequently the ride forsook the delights of Perranporth for a more direct route, turning right on the Goonhavern road, after Fiddlers Green, passing through Zelah, then left under the A30 before slamming on the brakes to make another right half way down the hill more or less opposite Llama Land.  Uphill to Allet, along the well known B3284 then left towards Tregavethern. It was at this point instead of taking the right hand turn, and emerging at Penstraze, the ride continued straight on, eventually, after what some would describe as “some extreme hills”, they arrived at a cross roads.  The guest rider at this point indicated that his intended destination, the park and ride, was more or less in sight to the right around the next bend, and left the group.
The remaining riders followed one of their number’s sage advice and continued up the small lane, that although marked as a dead end, was reputed to contain a localised space time anomaly  or “wormhole” in Star Trek parlance, and thus it was much to their surprise they duly emerged, not as predicted, in the Twilight Zone, but instead as advised, via a gate, directly onto the dual carriage way,  approximately half way between the Threemilestone roundabout and Truro College, and were consequently able to continue in good order, and with minimal distance still to be traversed, to their allotted destinations…
Distance 16.3 m avg speed 10.6 mph (heart rate bpm, avg 107 , max 135 )

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