Crantock Intermediate Ride, 2nd Oct

The intermediate ride set off in a slight state of disorganisation, this unusually was caused by actually sticking to the planned ride…
The easy ride had instead elected to go to the delightful “Wendy’s” in St Agnes, and under normal circumstances the intermediate ride would simply have re-routed itself to there.
However due to the number of riders on the combined ride, it was felt that it might be a bit difficult for all 20 odd of them to squash into Wendy’s, agreeable though the destination is.
Consequently the ride set off to sample the delights of one of 3 possible destinations in Crantock. Target one was “The Cosy Nook”, where although it is not necessary to book in advance, was not known to be open, due to their possibly sensible habit of closing during the winter season.  The 2nd possibility was “The C Bay”, which again is not normally a bookable event, and finally the default fall back plan, was the Bowgie, helpfully located only a few hundred yards from the C-Bay.
The route consisted of the by now very familiar dog leg up the Idless valley, right at the Llamas, through St Allen, a careful left and right at the A30.  Right towards Fiddler’s Green, another right at FG, passing through Newlyn East, heading towards Mitchell,
but veering sharply back to the left towards Degembris, once again hitting that wicked T junction and uphill turn towards, and passing in front of, the now familiar Trerice (“cream teas a speciality”).
It was more or less at this point that one of the guest riders suffered a puncture, which necessitated replacing the entire tube, consequently although a pause in the warm sunshine to exchange inconsequential banter, amongst the non pit monkey members of the group was very welcome, the ride was considerably delayed.
So instead of an extended tour of the delights of Newquay the ride was curtailed, passing the theatre and emerging at the village of Lane on the main A392.  It was at this juncture that one of the riders was able to able to telepathically discover that the Cosy Nook was in fact already closed, or at least his other half texted him to that end.  So a rendezvous was arranged at the C-bay, which entailed making a brisk downhill run to Trevemper Bridge, before turning left and immediately right towards Crantock and more or less straight on till noon…
Much to our surprise, either because of the gorgeous sunny weather, or perhaps due to their entirely new Sunday Menu, the C-bay was packed, but to our relief the party was able to be seated outside in the sun, with a good view of the signature Crantock Bay, espoused by their name. Perhaps due to both having a new menu and new staff the cycling contingent felt it was not well served by the establishment, compared to previous visits,  however the best was made of the situation, random coffee, cakes and the like were consumed with at least some appearance of gusto, before the ride departed onward.
17.3 miles avg 11.4 mph (Heart rate, average 104, max 137)
Once again the return leg to Truro posed something of a challenge, specifically for the same reasons as the previous week, to whit, keeping the distance short for the guest rider, and the still closed nature of the Greenbottom bridge. So the same tactics were employed as the previous week, that is, once having navigated from Crantock to Rejerrah, the route took in Fiddler’s Green, Zelah, that awkward right at the Llama farm, up to Allet, along the main road, right and right towards Tregavethan.
However there was one added and one subtracted wrinkle.
The subtraction was the decision not to climb some monumental hills and exit via hyper-space onto the dual carriageway leading to the Truro college. Instead the guest rider, for reasons that shall become apparent, was left to his own devices, whilst the main ride turned off through Tregavathen, followed by Penstraze, Dangerous Crossing, Penweathers, and finally Truro, (or not according to taste).
The reason for the apparent abandonment of the guest rider was that his puncture re-appeared just prior to arriving at Llama Land,  so his method of progression consisted of walking up hills with a flat tire, pumping it up, riding furiously onward till the next rim meets road adventure,  walking to the next brow, pumping etc…
So both for the reason that he had accomplished the same route the previous weekend, and because he had been given sketchy instructions, not to mention some slight nagging about his whereabouts, by the ride leader over the phone, he was able to eventually make it to his home, (or at least this was presumed be the case, an argument borne out both by his re-appearance the following week, and actually at that juncture joining the club)
19.9 miles avg 12.5mph, max 31.3mph (Heart rate, 111 avg max 152)

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