Bolingey Intermediate 9th Oct 2016

Due to the paucity of available routes out of Truro, the ride departed via the cobbles along Pydar Street up Kenwyn Road, with a swift, but not unexpected right turn down and along into the Idless Valley. For a change the going was dry and relatively mud free,
except in the obligatory assault course sections, humorously elucidated by handy “Temporary Road Surface” signs, but then of course on a philosophical note, surely everything IS temporary.
The usual pause to admire the Llamas and the neatly zip tied to an unrelated post “Cycle Route” sign, and the group turned right in the direction of, and past St Allen.  As usual some care was given to crossing the A30, with a brisk left and right and then immediately peellng off right towards Fidlers Green,  pausing only to contemplate the now invisible station and fall of Beeching’s axe, the group turned right down Station Road towards Newlyn East, before jinking through the village,  following Neeham Road, eventually crossing the Newquay road, heading towards Crantock, turning south in the village, and making for Cubert, heading back towards Rejerrah, and shooting to the right down the very steep narrow hill towards the helpfully signed “Smugglers Den Inn”, at the bottom up the equally steep, narrow, and quite bendy hill towards Rose, past the benched scarecrow, presumably still awaiting his turn on the pitch, crossing the Goonhavern Road, with a not quite too precipitous downhill and a sharp right turn at Reen Cross.
From there despite a slight uphill to start, it was a straight line down to the Bolingey Inn, just that last pull under the viaduct and up the slope to arrive outside the pub at 1 minute past 12…
At some point during the usual sumptuous Bolingey repast, one of the riders attempted the real life version of the previous visit’s thought experiment.  This was only noticed when an interested onlooker enquired if the amazingly bright orange bowl of interestingly textured food, that he was attempting to eat, was in fact lentil soup.
He responded that although it looked like carrot and coriander quick-set cement (available from all good DIY stores), in fact he had simply started with the soup of the day,  and without too much forethought floated one of the infamously large “Bolingey Doorstops” on it.  Whereupon, as conjectured on a previous visit might be the case, the stout inch and a half of bread had absorbed all the available liquid, and turned the bowl of food into something quite solid, with extreme spoon resistance, to the extent of even requiring the services of a stout knife and fork to consume.
Distance 19.1m avg 11.3mph (HR bpm 97 avg 131 max )
Having combined the easy and intermediate groups, the route back consisted of the by now familiar leisurely cruise over the speed humps and through the tourist-y delights of Perranporth, up Perrancombe, left at the top past Mithian School, don’t forget to turn sharply off the main road, and up that awkward gear mangling hill, just as you see the chevrons. Past that beautifully repaired, but equally beautifully fenced off viaduct, back onto the Mithian road, pause at the Silverwell turn off to bid farewell to some of the riders, the rest continuing on towards Dangerous Crossing/Penstraze/Penweathers/”don’t forget Greenbottom Bridge is still closed”, and assorted other routes into Truro…
Distance 12.2m avg 11.9mph  (HR bpm 100 avg 134 max )

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