Goonhavern Intermediate 16 Oct 2016

This particular ride presented a mildly different challenge from the usual, the distance to Goonhavern by a more or less direct route from Truro amounts to only something in the region of 9 miles, so some added pizazz was required.

As the ride was planned to be, by Cornish standards at least,  “mostly flat”, the ride unusually set off up the steep St Clements hill past Penair School, over the top and down through the narrow windy “Devils Arch” route, back down to Tresillian, before adopting a medium pace up the Ladock Valley, with the wind more or less behind.
Straight on through the Brighton Cross, over the A30, a sharp left down the suitably titled “Narrow Lane” to St Enoder, back to and across the A3058, straight towards Mitchell and the A30, looping back towards Newlyn East via Halt Road, before again turning back on itself down the well known Station Road, towards Fiddlers Green, turning left past the pet cemetery, and right along the B3285 for that last triumphant dash back to the Goonhavern Garden Centre.  Arriving at an accidentally well timed hour of 11:59 (and a few seconds!)
The following statistics are presented, with the caveat that, the Garmin, despite having mostly provided sterling navigational services en-route, had in fact gone into a sulk, and switched itself off close to the intended destination, and consequently failed to record some unknown portion of the ride.
Distance 21.9 m avg 12.8mph max 29.5mph (HR bpm avg 103 max 142)
After a very pleasant lunch was had during which the ride leader was gently teased about the abundance of both caffeine, calories, and cow products in his repast, to whit,
flat white coffee, cheesy chips, cheese cake and cream, followed by  another flat white for good measure, the suitably refreshed riders set out on a leisurely return to Truro.
Through Goonhavern, across the double mini roundabouts, right towards Reen Cross, straight down to Bolingey, except for the zig zag along Quarry Road, scrupulously avoiding that last very steep bendy hazardously gravelled section down to the Perranporth road.  Perranporth, Perrancombe, Mithian School, the dreaded chevron turn, pause at the Silverwell turn for goodbyes for those going via Shortlanesend.  Onwards towards Dangerous Crossing and wonder of wonders the newly re-opened on time Greenbottom road/rail bridge, with a few going via Penweathers.   Fortunately the heavy showers mostly held off till the very end of the ride.
Distance 12.8m avg 10.8mph max 28mph (HR bpm avg 103 max 151)

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