23rd Oct – Club Ride to the Lost Gardens

Six riders left Lemon Quay on the windy Sunday morning (Chris F, John B, Barney, Chris R, Josh and myself). The aim of the ride was to find the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

It was a fast start out of Truro and it did not take long to discover Chris F was not feeling his best so we dropped him at Probus and replaced him with Mike who appeared from nowhere! Before I have complaints about dropping Chris…it was his suggestion, we just didn’t argue!

We continue through Tregony and eventually finding some muddy lanes to enjoy, cycling against the strong wind. The route took us through Portholland, Caerhays and down into Gorran Haven and almost onto the beach where we looked in amazement at the large breaking waves.

When planning the route I wasn’t thinking of high tides or heavy winds. If I did, Portmellon would be the last place to go as the waves were crashing over the road. So at Portmellon we had an audience watching us, taking photos, as we tried to dodge the waves, we all got a little wet from the experience.

After cycling through Mevagissey we decided it was time to look for the Lost Gardens and like a great explorer we discovered the Lost Gardens only to find Chris F had beaten us to it, relaxing over a coffee wandering why it took us so long to find it!

We allowed Chris F to join us on the journey home which took as through Sticker, Grampound Rd and Ladock.

Unfortunately we had to abandon Mike at Sticker for he had a major mechanical failure. Before I have another complaint about leaving a cyclist behind, we did try and fix the bike, but when it was deemed as unfixable, Mike suggested he called his wife who was only four miles away to come and fetch him!

I think everyone enjoyed the ride with new roads for some. I noticed Josh managed to keep his average speed to 25kph which was his main aim and I kept mine down to 21kph as I didn’t want to show off…and the route was a little hilly.

Writer of report: Jeremy Bond. Mileage: 44 miles. Average Speed 13.

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