Penelewey Intermediate 23rd Oct


This particular ride present a couple of challenges, firstly Penelewey is only maybe 3 miles from Truro via the old coach road, and maybe 3.8 via the Newham trail.  A direct route was therefore out of the question except for those wishing for an early breakfast stop. The second challenge of the day was that the weather forecast was starting with a 20mph east wind, and then working up to 45mph at around 1pm, (potential gust speeds not even being factored in)
The ride set out along the now extremely familiar routine of, Kenwyn Road, Idless Valley, left at the Llama T, straight across and up to Allet.  Here the ride diverged in the direction of that often used as part of the return leg, right along the B3284 towards the A30,
second left towards Tregavethern, left again, and then right and right past the secluded, but not secret Truro Aerodrome.  Up to the A390 with a careful left and immediately right crossing of the busy main road at Penstraze, heading down towards “dangerous crossing”. Theoretically turning acutely right back on ourselves towards “sawmills” and Blackwater, but in practice a few of the more enthusiastic riders had to be reined in, lest they plunge headlong down Chacewater hill, and they were eventually corralled into the correct direction, towards Blackwater.
Across the narrow A30 bridge and immediately left rushing downhill towards Blackwater, left by the well know Hawkins Garage. Straight on down station road to emerge in Chacewater, a swift left and right, then onwards to Twelve Heads and Bissoe.
Shooting straight down the fairly traffick-y road to the daunting Devoran roundabout, straight across, past the newly re-roofed and elegantly refurbished Devoran Village hall,
with it shiny new light wood and glass foyer perched at the end of the building.  Down the much more quiet and narrower road all the way to Point, admiring the glistening tide filled reaches, before ploughing up Harris’s Hill.
Thence left past the King Harry ferry turning and straight on down that every so ever so lumpy road, to arrive thankfully at the Punch Bowl and Ladle,  despite the rider leader’s gloomy prognostication of a 12.15 arrival, the last few miles had been in fact ridiculously swift, and the stop was made just as the clock turned 12.
Distance 20.3m avg 12mph (HR bpm 106 avg 138 max)
The group was assembled very cosily in an informal side room, stuffed full of a variety of comfortable leather sofas and chairs, and some not so comfortable upright dining chairs, that had been hastily pressed into service to accommodate the large group of cyclists.
Fortunately the group was also eating informally, as the only surface in evidence was a very large low rectangular coffee table. None the less much was made of the soup of the day, and one member even went so far as to essay the ploughman’s lunch, which turned out to contain both sufficient volume and variety of cheeses so as to feed the entire ploughman’s family as well, even including a very succulent bunch of large sweet grapes.  Other riders tried the baked cheese cake, which was accompanied by a beautifully astringent lemon sorbet, presented in a contrasting sweet brandy snap base, the cheese cake was agreed to have been perfectly prepared, and was a rival to many fondly remembered cheese cakes of previous construction.  The ride leader of course doubled down on the dairy with a side order of hand cut skin-on cheesy chips, that were also consumed with gusto.
Although the route out was planned, due to the aforementioned challenges, to whit the closeness of Truro, and the likelihood of gale force winds, the route home was left to the individual’s discretion, with the advice of optionally carrying a ground anchor.
Consequently at around one o’clock the riders hastily split of into groups of twos and threes, and set off in their various directions, with the objective or returning to their respective homes as quickly as possible…

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