Not so wet after all! (Intermediate ride to Helston – 6 November 2016)

BBC forecast at 8am showed ‘heavy rain’ from 10 to at least lunchtime. Nobody’s going to show up this morning, are they? But it’s sunny periods at the moment, and dry, so at 9:45 off I go to Lemon Quay suitably dressed in thick winter jacket and waterproof socks – just in case someone else does want to ride to Helston in the rain.

Well, imagine my surprise when four others want to join me, some even clad in shorts. Only one of the four needed a little persuasion that I would go at an intermediate pace rather than pretending it was a 9am club ride. So off we set, along the same route that a Wednesday Morning ride had taken a couple of weeks previously. The sun was still visible now and again, and still dry. I checked with Jude, leading the Easy ride, to see what time they would be at Bissoe, since I thought the predicted heavy rain would force us back there sooner rather than later.

But no! We escaped all but a few spots, all the way to our destination, the café at Helston boating lake. Along the way there were very dark clouds to the right of us – glad I didn’t go via Four Lanes.

There was a heavy shower while we enjoyed coffees / cakes / all-day breakfasts and curly chips (no, Niq chose not to have cheesy chips today, but thanks for sharing the curly ones). Penny seemed very pleased to have made it all the way to Helston. I almost said that we’d had the luxury of a tailwind, which would be against us on the return. But I refrained.

Soon enough the sun popped out to enable us to start our return journey. A nice photo opp outside the pub at Porkellis, where two traction engines were having lunch. Then there was, after all,  a bit of rain, but I don’t think any of us got drenched. I didn’t even need to put my extra rain jacket on. Martin left us then, to ride up to Troon to see his grandson play football (apparently they won 3-0!); we continued back to Truro a bit damp; Niq and Penny were feeling the cold by now. Full marks to Penny for riding to Helston and back again. And thanks to all for venturing out in the first place!


Route, average speed, etc:

After the ride I had a comment on Strava from Shaun Gilbert, who along with several others had been down to Penzance and seemingly got very wet. The comment suggested we were lucky. I corrected him; it was surely a case of my excellent navigation and timing rather than luck.

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