Intermediate Ride Crantock 13 November 2016 Or The Intermediate goes Clubbing


The weather was fair, and due to the paucity of riders who had selected the intermediate route, over the easy route, the ride was able to set off at a good pace, without too much discussion, or pauses whilst riders caught up…
The route was straight up Tregolls Road, down into Tresillian, bear left into the Ladock Valley, pushing against a northerly breeze. Due to the particular calendar date,
a mental note was made to stop just before 11am, for the appropriate observances.
Consequently having flown up the Ladock Valley, and through the Brighton Cross, the ride screeched to a halt at 10.59, just before the A30 crossing, giving the very overly hot ride leader time to remove his, not much worn this winter, club top, before standing respectfully for the minutes silence.   In particular remembering the few words inscribed on the plinth of the family plot in the churchyard at Camborne “Pilot Officer (FAA) Walter Sydney Bath” and a date sometime in 1941, otherwise known on my mother’s side as my uncle Walter.
Having duly paused and with the ride leader now incognito, the ride continued straight up to Fraddon, before locating the stealthy right turn hidden between the houses,into Barton Lane, down that well known, and now not so gravelly hill, all the way to White Cross, a left past, as had been previously noted, no longer Dav’s Lav’s. Thence past the also previously remarked on “Luke’s Shop” before crossing the A3058 near that long standing attraction “Dairy World”.
Thence onwards carefully remembering to make that abrupt right hand turn on the steep downhill bit, signposted more or less illegibly “Newlyn East”.  Past the well known Lappa Valley Railway, through St Newlyn East, squiggle back north to towards the Newquay road, reluctantly turning right onto it, for only a few hundred yards, before making a left towards Crantock.   Still pushing against the north wind, the intermediate ride caught up with the “easier” ride just before the final destination, West Pentire and The Bowgie…
The distance for this ride, despite being plotted at 22.5 miles turned out to be slightly more.  Why? well it was based on the route previously taken in August, to the Cosy Nook,
which is of course closed in the winter, so there was an extra mile to be added for the correct destination.
Distance 23.5 miles, average speed 14.1 mph.
[Heart Rate: Average 126 bpm, Max 156 bpm ]
For once the ride leader did not consume cheesy chips, but made up for it with the Bowgie’s Special Lasagne, which it states on the menu they have been doing for 40 years,
something you can tell, as they’ve definitely got the recipe down to a Tee, just a hint of garlic, tender beef, lots of melty cheese, some lovely chips, and just enough salad to show willing.  Other riders consumed what looked to be equally enjoyable hearty sandwiches and soups…
For the return leg, the entire group set off at a leisurely pace back in the direction of “Rejerah” via the back lanes, with a pleasant light tail wind.  Across the Newquay Road, in the direction of Newlyn East, most of the group continuing into Truro by some unspecified route in that direction, with the hardened Mount Hawke stalwarts (aka Electric Pete, as he may now be becoming know, and Mr Cheesy Chips himself, aka Niq) stepping up the pace somewhat,  turning right through Fiddlers Green. Right again through Goonhavern, via Bolingey to Perranporth, up Perrancombe, past Mithian School, turning right by those pesky chevrons, and up towards Chiverton Cross, diverting at the last moment towards Mount Hawke and Quenchwell via Sawmills/Dangerous Crossing respectively
Distance 22.6 miles avg 12.8mph [HR avg 103bpm max 143bpm]

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