Intermediate Ride Mithian 20 November 2016

The ride for the day was planned as a kind of antidote to the previous weeks ride, which had been relatively flat and somewhat frenetic. Hence the route taken was to be along the more leisurely lanes of Kenwyn Road, Idless valley and so on…
It was part way along the valley that the folly of such a proposal was brought firmly to mind, due to the previous night’s rainfall, which had been secretly practising to be an inundation, the road in part was spoke deep in heavy mud, concealed under some inches of water. It was at this point that questions were raised as to the suitability of high geared, skinny tired, mudguard less, racing bikes for such an enterprise. Reference was made to the ride leaders “training bike” being ideal for winter, to which the leaders sotto vocci response was “actually I happen to think it’s pretty good all the year round”…
At least one visiting rider discovered that Cornwall is a lot hillier than one might think, and that maybe the gearing on a standard racing bike, is just a little bit too tall for such conditions.
The ride proceeded through St Allen, right on the A30, carefully negotiating the few hundred yards needed before making the right turn towards Goonhavern, then right again through Fiddlers Green, right afterwards, straight through St Newlyn East, again carefully crossing the Newquay Road, heading towards the lesser known “Crantock Plains Touring Park”, before squiggling round in the direction of Cubert, via the back roads, but at the last minute turning off the Cubert road, down the steep narrow winding road that passes the Smugglers.
It was whilst heading upward from the valley floor towards Rose, that the subject of gearing was again raised, with the suggestion that employing the technique known as “ankling” to increase part of the arc of the crank rotation, during which power is actually being applied, would give the effect of cycling in two gears lower than what was actually available. Some doubt was expressed about this, but some of the riders began, with expressions of fierce concentration, furiously “ankling” up the hills. The possible beneficial effect of which was prematurely brought to a halt by encountering another flooded section of road, in which the waters nearly reached bottom bracket height. Some of the more canny riders took this opportunity to divert through the adjacent farmyard, whilst others risked the rust demons and sailed on through.
Eventually the Perranporth road was crossed and the ride sped down Reen Hill, making passing obeisance to the well known Bollingey Arms, before grinding up the steep Penwartha Road, turning right at the top, and cycling away from Perranporth for some distance, before espying the welcoming right turn that hailed the last downhill to arrive triumphantly at the last short pull up to the Miners Arms to arrive more or less at the appointed hour being only 5 minutes past the gong…
Distance 19.8 miles avg 11.4mph max 30.9mph [HR avg 107bpm max 139bpm]

As usual the food at the Miners was of good quality and consumed with gusto, although for once the ride leader eschewed the usual cheesy chips, plumping for the “roast of the day in a bap”,(with chips and gravy of course)
After the repast the combined group of easy and intermediate riders mostly all set off back to Truro via sawmills and Greenbottom, leaving the erstwhile intermediate ride leader to “plough his own furrow” as it were,which for once did not encompass “coffee at Godrevy”…
Distance 21.0 miles avg 12.9mph max 27.7mph [HR avg 110bpm max 129bpm]

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