Intermediate Ride Cubert 27 November 2016


The stated destination of this ride was Cubert, however this was a slight misnomer, as the actual lunch stop was the “Smugglers Den Inn”, which although it bills itself as being at that locale, is only really a “stones throw” from Cubert if you regard “launched with a small ballistia” to be in the same genre as “throwing”…
Having planned a route with due regard to the possible mud and meteorology concomitant with the Idless Valley, the decision was taken to follow the previously tried route, with the prerequisite that to arrive at the appointed hour this would require, to use a technical term “giving it a bit of welly”.
The number of riders on the intermediate ride was somewhat reduced when one of the participants, due to being on the wrong bike, in the wrong shoes, or possibly having got out of bed on the wrong side, elected to go on the easy ride instead. The riders were also reduced by a further one, when another participant who had signed up for the ride, simply vanished from the starting line.  Information subsequently received indicated however, that he had not been kidnapped by aliens as had first been thought.
The ride set off at a reasonably fast pace, following the same route that had been successfully promulgated a mere two weeks before, vis:- Tregolls Road, Tressilian, fighting a stiff east wind up the Ladock Valley, a slight struggle up from Brighton Cross, again more or less into the wind to Fraddon, left at the gap between the houses,
which miraculously appears to change its exact position every time you look for it, aka Barton Lane, left just before the White Cross junction, past Luke’s Shop, carefully right and left across the busy A3058, left half way down the hill, watch you don’t miss that difficult to read sign indicating “Newlyn East”, past the Lappa Valley narrow gauge,
bearing right through Newly East, straight on to the Newquay Road, crossing at that difficult and busy junction at the top of Rejerrah, heading straight along High Lanes towards Cubert, before abruptly turning right, at the brown sign for the Smugglers, down that narrow windy hill, slamming on the brakes as the Inn hove into view just on the steep bend to arrive, despite some, to put it in modern parlance “consumer resistance” about trying to beat the previous ride’s time, at the Inn, at 4 minutes to the hour.
On venturing inside the easy group was to be found seated uncomfortably close to a cavernous wood burning stove, filled to the brim with what at first glance looked to be the contents of a small fusion reactor, but that it transpired was merely its maximum capacity of eco friendly recycled trees.  A mental note was made that this was obviously an ideal venue for an extremely cold winters day, but possibly not so welcome on such a mild occasion.
Distance 21.3 miles avg 13.4mph max 26.6 mph [HR avg 111bpm max 137bpm]
Having been been beaten to the lunch venue by a considerable margin, the intermediate group made haste to order a variety of wholesome soup, crusty bread, burgers and the obligatory cheesy chips, accompanied by copious amounts of coffee.  All of which were to an appropriately high gustatory standard.
It further transpired at this point that the reason for the easy group’s haste lay in the sporting world, to whit the last formula one race of the season, which was why some of the group were plotting to return home with such a degree of alacrity, specifically so that they could experience its delights, apparently only time wise available at what would then be a later hour, on something referred to mysteriously as “plus one”…
Consequently the return group set off for Truro by the “short fast route”, leaving but two riders left to pursue the leisurely route back, detailed below, involving the tried and tested road through Rose, down to Perranporth, via the golf club hill, Perran Coombe, Mithian School, that dratted chevron turn, Sawmills, Dangerous Crossing and so on…
Distance 14.3 miles avg 12.2mph max 39.8 mph [HR avg 117bpm max 140bpm]

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