Intermediate Ride Tehidy Woods 4 December 2016

The original destination for this ride had been Vogue, however this was changed when it was discovered that the intended hostelry only provided the complete “Sunday Lunch” package on a Sunday, and not the obligatory bits and bobs that the club riders had come to rely on, and a polite veil will be drawn over the lack of cheesy chips…
So the ride destination was amended to be the Tehidy Woods cafe, which does provide the requisite sundries necessary for the average cyclist to be refuelled, this of course did pose a slight challenge for the intermediate ride, the problem of achieving the appropriate distance without to much mucking about.
The proposed route was a switchback series of hills proceeding more or less due east, the challenge of which looked set to be mildly alleviated by the brisk 20mph east wind shown on the forecast.
Consequently the riders set out in good form up Lemon Street, down the old coach road, hoofing it up the long drag to Playing Place, straight down, through the ford, across the Bissoe Road, straight up Grenna Lane, turning left towards Frogpool, passing the amusing faux stone circle, at Greensplat, comprising a raised mound some 50 foot across, with maybe 12 granite gateposts, recycled vertically into its smoothly turfed surface.  Well why not build such a thing in your back garden, if it makes you feel fluffy?..
Through Frogpool, crossing the main road with a swift zig-zag opposite the Burncoose Nurseries, and once again ploughing up hill all the way towards Fourlanes, turning left on the road into the centre, before executing a careful right opposite the now unfortunately defunct Victoria Pub, shooting pleasantly downhill with the wind behind, through Piece, the joy of which was scarily interrupted, by a large truck deciding to overtake the ride leader, just as he had reached terminal velocity of around 40mph on the bendy downhill.
Slam on the brakes for a dart left towards the shire horse museum, a left and right propelled miraculously up and over the top of the Camborne Beacon by that strong east wind.  Straight down the other side with a left and right towards and through Barriper, taking the scenic route once again up, unfortunately into the wind, through Penponds, necessitated due to the closure of the Carnhell Green railway crossing, because of month long works to the road.
It was here that the services of Garrulous Garry Garmin would have been required, and indeed had been set up for the occasion with a pre-programmed route, but for the vocal prompting of the keen eyed Chris Fearnley, who called for a left turn at the correct, no doubt remembered from the ride of several Wednesdays earlier, point.
Thence snaking in a northerly direction – turning left and then right along the Camborne road, towards the A30 but sneakily crossing via an underpass beneath it, turning into the wind for the last section of the ride, through Kehelland, and south more or less intersecting the A30 again, at Rosewarne, before pushing once again north with a zig zag along the Mount Whistle Road, and triumphantly down into Tehidy Woods itself.
Arriving at maybe 3 minutes past the hour, to find that the cafe with its limited internal seating was mostly empty and thus easily able to accommodate the combined numbers of the intermediate and easy group which had yet to arrive.
Distance 21.8 miles avg 12.6mph max 40.3 mph
A very pleasant repast was had by all consisting of, but not limited to, wholemeal egg and bacon baps, golden vegetable soup with crusty bread, coconut and date slices, and the piece de resistance, huge slices of very economically priced, cinnamon cake, lending an appropriately Christmas-y feel to the experience now that we were finally in December, all accompanied by the welcome warmth of generously proportioned cups of coffee and pots of tea.
The return journey was always likely to be a struggle, as was evinced by the eventual ride statistics, given that it was mostly to the east, into the 20mph wind, which was still gusting strongly.
The route was a steady plod, out of the Tehidy Woods, back to Mount Whistly Road, left towards Illogan, down to Bridge, left up Cambrose, right at the Eco Park, struggling with the gusts even blowing some riders to a halt.  Through Skinners Bottom, right towards Sawmills, variously diverging back to Truro and other destinations at Dangerous Crossing.  No doubt arriving at their various destinations in a perhaps too well exercised state, relieved to be out of the strong chill wind.
Distance 14.5 miles avg 9.8mph max 33.8 mph

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