Leisure Ride to Cubert 09.04.17

Following a brief photoshoot on the Piazza, courtesy of club member Dave Rickett, (wife Melinda was with the Intermediate group) a group of 9 began a leisurely (but purposeful!) ride through Truro, up Kenwyn and on to Idless to be met once again by our intrepid photographer Dave who positioned himself along the route for strategic shots of our lung bursting efforts on the climbs ! Christine was trying out husband Mike’s electric bike for the first time and lack of familiarity helped reduce the pace on occasion, thanks Chris !

Along the lanes past past Idless woods, past Trevalso and across the A30 to Zelah. Along Henver Lane, Scotland Road, right and left to Rejerrah. Through the lanes to The Smugglers Den at Cubert for a lunch stop and meet up with the Intermediate group of 4, led by Niq, who managed to complete twice the distance we did! After a leisurely lunch we made our way up the hill, losing 2 of our number (Dave and Thom) to the Intermediates . Left at the road junction and then right towards Crantock. From Crantock we made our way to St Newlyn East where the ride leader had a choc ice ! We all had a short break in the sun before heading back past Fiddlers Green where Chris, John, Peter, Roz and Paul made their own way home leaving Hugh & Dave to turn left for a short distance on the A30, right to Honeycombe and back past Idless to Truro. I clocked about 27 miles in all and very much enjoyed everyone’s company on the ride, thank you.

Participants: Hugh Bryson (leader) Peter Hargreaves, Paul & Roz Delderfield, Dave Bennett, John Gilbert, Christine Rogers, Dave Folland and Thom Green. With Dave Rickett in the background taking publicity photos.

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