Club Ride – Godrevy – Sunday 7th May 2017

What a nice sunny day, compared with the terrible weather we all experienced the day before. I was hoping the blue skies would attract a few cyclists and was relieved to see seven cyclists gathering on Lemon Quay (Chris F, Dom, Martin, Shaun, Gareth, Malcolm and James, a new recruit). After the signing in process and a quick catch up, which included a need for one of the party to visit Germany/Austria in the next week to collect and test his new bike..we were off.

We headed around the back of highertown on the cycle path and then down to New Mill and up towards Allet. Then across the A30 and onto the country lanes to Silverwell. We joined the old A30, through Blackwater and picked up the public footpath which took us to Radnor.

Just before lllogan we turned left and cycled up Merritts Hill, I believe this was a new road to everyone, and it was pretty steep, so not many cyclists attempt it, and I was not surprised when one of our fitter crew managed to get King of Mountains on Strava…you are welcome Mr G.

Once I got my breath back, the ride continued through Park Bottom, Tehidy and down pass the old Roscoggan chapel. Just when everyone thought they knew the route, we turned left where we climb up towards the outskirts of Camborne. I think everyone was delighted to see the sights of this wonderful town as we cycle along Enys and Weeth Roads into Park Holly and down into Penponds. On route we passed what appeared to be a ladies cycling club, I’m considering transferring my membership!

Malcolm left us at Carnhell Green as we headed North, over the old and new A30 arriving in sunny Godrevy at the National Trust cafe just before eleven.

The way home took us along the North Cliffs towards Portreath, everyone went at their own speed to get home in good time. I think everyone enjoyed the morning’s cycle, the company was good, the weather was outstanding and the route was breathtaking!

Writer of Report: Jeremy Bond

45 Miles. Average speed 15mph

Miles: 45 Miles Average Speed: 15mph.

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