Ride Report Callestick Cider Farm 30 July 2017

We left the Piazza at approximately 10.10 and proceeded along Lemon St, Charles St and thus up Station Rd (Hill) and thence along Treyew Rd through 3milestone towards Chacewater where we turned off at ‘Dangerous Crossing’ and into Key Down Rd, a sharp rainstorm forcing us to don our rain jackets by the Weak Bridge – where there was an inordinate amount of traffic. Off we went again and discovered what had been a cloud burst along the road with water running along the gutter like a river. Along the Mithian road where we turned 1st left and then 1st right, to waste a bit of time, when we encountered a dog with its family of children and adults about to cross our path. Down into Mithian after slowing for a couple of horses and up past the Hotel fortunately under the trees as we could hear another rain storm which had stopped by the time we were in the open. Up and across the road and along to the A3075 which we crossed only to be hit by anothershower (getting fed up with it by now) after donning our jackets again we turned into the Cider Farm and eventually found the café/restaurant where we ordered our lunches.

About 20 minutes later Niq (who had led the Intermediate Ride) arrived, having been abandoned by his crew.

After our meal and obviously a good chat we ventured forth again just as it began to rainyet again, after some discussion it was decided to take the shortest route back to Truro.John & Jude shot off downhill to Callestick and so home, at which point the Ride Leader decided to lighten the mood by overbalancing and falling into the path of a car – feeling rather foolish she eventually managed to unclip only to discover she had dislodged her chain – gallant Niq came to her rescue and sorted it out. After which we continued along the track which starts at the Farm – it turned out to be rather rougher than remembered and rather pot-holie, but we pressed on till we met a ‘lake’ across our path. Pete ventured forth and almost reached the far side before putting a foot down (new socks too). We all managed to get through except Penny who was more concerned about her bike than her feet and did a bit of cyclo-cross. We soldiered on (with the Ride Leader apologising profusely all the way) – avoiding puddles and what can only be described as ‘rocks’ till we arrived at the Saw Mills on the B3284. The track proved to be a mile long ‘from nowhere to nowhere’, as Niq said.

Pete left us here for home and he remainder continued uneventfully on to Shortlanesend where we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, by which time the sun was out and it turned out to be a lovely afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ride Members John, Jude, John, Pete, Dave, Penny and Niq on the return.

Leader Christine

Weather am – annoyingly showery. pm – annoyingly sunny!

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