Club Ride to the Waymarker Brill 22nd October 2017

Phil and I had a great cycle into Truro, coming from different directions but ending up at Lemon Quay, the sun rose as the strong winds pushed us into the city, so we awarded ourselves with a cup of coffee from Wetherspoons and waited for the rest of our fellow cyclists to arrive. It was the day after Storm Brian so debris were on the road so I planned a route accordingly hoping we wouldn’t suffer from punctures, but, if we did, we had ‘operation roadside assistance’ to fall back on.

At 9.05am I had to drag Chris R (who represented the MAMIL – middle aged men in lycra) and Josh from their publicity photos which were being taken for some campaign concerning cycling in and around the city. The delay was to Nigel B’s advantage as he arrived late and he would have missed us if it wasn’t for the publicity shoot.

With Martin and Chris F, seven rode out of Truro along St George’s Road and onto the cycle path which took us west. The route took us into the wind, but it wasn’t long before we changed direction just before Chacewater and we headed to Carnon Downs with the wind behind us. As you can image, the speed increased as the heavy wind pushed us towards Carnon Downs. I thought if I could hang on to someone’s back wheel I would be OK, but it wasn’t long before I ran out of energy!

After this, with a short shower, we slowed down as we cycled through Perranwell Station, down into Perranworthal and along the back lanes bypassing Treluswell and up a country lane and into Boswin and Longdowns.

At Halvosso we had our second shower, so with our heads down we cycled carefully through the wet roads to the Falmouth-Gweek road, trying to negotiate pass the leftovers of the storm. Before I knew it, we only had six riders, we had lost a rider! With a quick phone call we discovered Nigel had a puncture, so we had to put into place ‘operation roadside assistance’.

Operation roadside assistance’ is where we send two cyclists  back to assist the person with the puncture whilst the other four seek out a cafe, with a sofa to allow the cyclist with the puncture to recover from his terrible ordeal. So has two went back, the other four found ‘The Waymaker’. Immediately they booked the marquee (which just happened to have a sofa), sat on the uncomfortable chairs to keep the sofa free and tested the coffee and the well presented cakes to ensure it was of a high standard and waited. I am glad to report this was a successful operation and hoping this high standard of service, which you won’t get in any other cycling club was appreciated by Nigel!.

After Nigel had rested on the sofa, we were ready to go, but this time Chris R had a puncture. Unfortunately for Chris R, ‘Operation Road Assistance can only be carried out once in a ride, so he had to fix his own puncture!’

The route home took us through roads which were new to most of the crew, infact at one stage some got so disoriented they had no idea where they were going as we cycled through Seworgan.

I left my fellow cyclists at Penmarth, I headed back to Camborne whilst the rest continued the journey home via Redruth, whilst Chris R had to replaced his inner tube for the second time! It was a great morning, enjoyed by all.

Writer of report Jeremy Bond, Mileage 41 miles, average speed 14mph

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