Perranuthnoe 3rd December 2017

Oh my prayers were answered! As I walked out of spoons with Martin I saw Chris F talking to a group of the faster riders (Chris R, Greg, Shaun and James). I was hoping to have a nice steady ride up to Four Lanes, if only there was a way to slow them down! Do you believe in miracles? because my prayers were answered for Chris R suffered a puncture within 1 km from Lemon Quay.

As the five gathered to fix the puncture, Chris F and I leisurely cycled to Four Lanes taking in the scenery via St Day and Carharrack. The other five were back on the road within 10-15 mins and they cycled at a faster pace via Kea Downs and Redruth.

It was amazing to see the famous five arriving in Four Lanes a few minutes after us. Now that we were one group, we headed down Loscombe Road, pass the Countryman pub and left into Treskillard. Then we cycled past Condurrow into Beacon where James and Shaun left us to return home.

Seven became five as we cycle down pass Knave Go By into Killivose and onto Barripper. We cycled through the hamlets of Carnhell Green and Reawla and turned onto the B3280 at Leedstown to St Hilary.

The destination was the The Cabin Beach Café which is located in the lovely little village of Perranuthnoe. Situated in a small field just above the sea it has lovely views of the beach and the surrounding coastline and countryside. It was a great location and while we sat enjoying the freshly made food and coffee, who should appear but a member of the Truro CC, Bob Jewell, who appeared with a few of his mates from the Falmouth Wheelers.

The conversation than went onto electric bikes, and I am pleased to say we were all supporters of this new mode of transport for it encourages people to cycle. We had a chance to see Bob’s new electric ‘lay down bike’ and I have to admit, it looked pretty impressive.

On the way home we all went our separate ways. I headed to Penzance, Martin headed to Hayle and the rest cycled along the north cliffs and three of the four decided to get lost cycling through Illogan! I think everyone enjoyed the route, the company and above all the location of the coffee stop.

Writer of report Jeremy Bond – 59 Miles – average speed 13.7 mph

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