Ride to Heligan 18 Feb 2018

On a dank Sunday morning, Niq, Martin and Rod reported to Jane at her post outside Wetherspoons, and after geeing-up Niq, who seemed cast down by the weather, we set off up Mitchell Hill en route to Heligan. But not before Rod had informed the others of his astounding discovery of a report in the Royal Cornwall Gazette about Truro Cycling Club’s annual dinner- in February 1886.
Conscious of the privilege of belonging to such a venerable institution, we whizzed through the park-and-ride and on to Probus, past Junk and Disorderly (another venerable institution), across the Grampound Road road da-doo ron-ron, through Grampound and along the Creed road. Enough of this. We arrived at Heligan ten minutes before lunch was served, so passed the time by singing William Byrd motets in three-part harmony. If anybody’s interested, Niq had chicken-and-chorizo pie, Martin a sausage roll and Rod an apricot flapjack. Niq, who had already complained about the weather and the hills, now complained about the coffee. But the chicken-and-chorizo pie was ‘alright’, so we must be thankful for small mercies.
As we left, the weather, already dank as mentioned, grew progressively danker. We descended into Sticker, then Coombe, and up the long slog from Trenowth Mill. Martin tried to photograph a buzzard, but the bird was very possessive of its image rights and would not remain in pose.
After this, the only interesting  event was the diversion through Pencalenick School and the introduction to Niq of the short cycle path from Penair School to Julian Foye.
30-odd miles, I think. My bike computer is in the shed and I’m not going down there in the dark to check. It’s too dank.


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