Snow Patrol: ride report 18/3/18

This was a make-it-up-as-you-go ride. The plan was to go to Heligan, but Heligan is the palace of the Snow Queen, and she was likely to emerge today, so we headed in the opposite direction; five solos and a tandem, under a clear sky. Cold as charity, though. Your reporter’s nose, tiddley-pom, froze while we were descending the slope past St. Mary’s school, and has only just thawed, many hours and a roaring fire later.
Through Idless, on to Allet, which Niq claims is pronounced Allez!, then Silverwell and a pause at the Skinner’s Bottom turning, where Rod looked at the sky and stated that if it snowed, he would eat his helmet. Refreshments at Elm farm, where, following the example of the Newcastle United fans who bare their chests to the elements to show how hard they are, we sat outside. With our tops on. There are limits.
Back along the trail to Rodda’s, then on to Twelveheads, Carnon Downs and home. I don’t know where the others were at this time, but luckily for Rod they weren’t around to see snow begin to fall as he crossed Lemon Quay and scurried for home.
25 miles and freezing.

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