Mothers’ Day Ride – Elm Farm – 31.03.19

It was very pleasing to see John Gilbert out on his bike again this Sunday. We were all admiring his new E-bike and saluted his joining the ranks of the Sensible Brigade. Maria was there celebrating her new TCC Trophy award and Paul Charlesworth had dusted off his best bike for the occasion.  Phil was waiting for us having already completed a 35 mile trip from Porthtowan to meet us. I must make a mental note to send him a club cycle map of Cornwall. Niq almost achieved his Target of arriving last for every ride when Thom cruised in with moments to spare.

Having changed the destination twice during the week to accommodate fears of not getting any food at our rest-break, we set forth for the ever-reliable Elm Farm. Out of town via the EU-funded Greenway we crossed the A390 by the maximum permutation of possible methods and took the roller-coaster route past the Tennis Courts and up to Besore with more cycling-related puns than you can shake a bike pump at.

More pothole-skipping down to Twelveheads and a familiar route via Sunrise Farm to Creegbrawse. The planned route to Smokey Joe’s was scuppered by the ironic sight of a Cormac lorry blocking the road while filling potholes. A new route back through Scorrier soon found us at Rodda’s to walk our bikes correctly through to the Golf course then turning right at the Chapel for a pleasant descent to Elm Farm. We arrived at the stroke of noon, albeit at an average speed of 8mph . We enjoyed a pleasant natter in the sunshine and were soon joined by Hugh, who had made his own way to meet us. Our discussions over a possible new Trophy for next year had a similar degree of consensus as Teresa May’s Cabinet and the conversation moved to First Aid instead.

The return route up Mile Hill to the Ecopark and MTB centre soon brought us to the parting of the ways at Two Burrows and folk made their chosen routes back home.

Today’s riders: Dave B (ride Leader), Paul Charlesworth, Niq Carter-Rowe , John Gilbert, John Flowers, Maria Curtin, Christine Rogers, Thom Green, Phil Northcott, Chris Fearnley and Hugh Bryson


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