Club Ride – Sithney Tea Rooms – 26th May 2019

Five cyclists (Julian, Chris R, Dom, Martin and myself) had the motivation to haul ourselves out of bed on a Sunday Morning for a 43 mile classic bike ride to the Sithney Team Rooms.  

Everyone had their own reason for wanting to be out in the drizzle and mist.  Personally, I like to think I cycle because I love to get out and breathe in the fresh air, I also say to myself I am exercising and finally I believe a long ride is a good way to lose weight, even though I most possibly counteract the weight loss with the many calories I eat on the way. How would I take up my time if I didn’t cycle, I will fill it with something else like DIY, which can be as dangerous as cycling, isn’t that right Phil!

The ride to what I call Café Heaven went much better than expected.  The only mishap was a couple of miles from Heaven when we had a puncture. Luckily it was on Chris F’s bike (which Dom had borrowed) for the bike came with the equipment needed to get the machine back on the road. Hopefully the tube will be replaced or else Chris F will be in for a shock when he has a puncture on his next ride on this bike!

The return journey was well planned as we climbed to Truthall Halt to discover a steam engine waiting at the newly refurbished station. The Helston Railway aims to rebuild and preserve as much as possible of the former GWR Helston railway between Nancegollan and Water-Ma-Trout on the outskirts of Helston, and today was its ‘return to the 1940s’ weekend. The original station was demolished, but if you look at it today, considerable effort has been done so now exists a faithful reproduction looking remarkably similar to the original.  

After we watched the steam engine puffing into the distance, we continue our ride back to Truro. Although the weather and visibility was poor, the ride ended up to be a superb morning of cycling with a nice route, good company, a little bit of culture and a large piece of cake!

Rider of Report: Jeremy Bond Miles 43 Miles Average Speed 14.6 mph

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