Longish, fastish, Leisurely ride to Crantock with Ice Cream Reward

Enjoying the September sunshine

Dave B, Niq, John G, John F, Jude, Paul and Ros, Newest Member Mark Rugman plus two Guest Riders Rochelle and Graham set off across the cobbles and out through Idless.

A problem with Mark’s rear wheel delayed us for a while. We were all astonished that nobody had a cassette removal tool with them, which laid one of the rumours concerning John G’s Saddle bags to rest.

Sadly,  Mark resigned himself to heading back home.

Passing St Allen we turned for Zelah, where we met up with Maggie and were all soon zooming to Fiddler’s Green.  Then, just as we arrived at The Cosy Nook Café, Mark reappeared, having found a way to get his bike working again.

Following lunch we retraced our tyre-tracks to Newlyn East, where Rochelle and Graham headed for Tresillian. Then Maggie left us at Zelah, while the remainder pointed our noses towards Perranporth.

Ice Creams were demanded, so we sat gazing at the surf for a moment or two. A familiar route back via Opie’s Cottage and Mithian Downs to Silverwell was highly enjoyable in perfect cycling conditions.

Mark, Dave and John G split for Threemilestone while all others took the way to Carnon Downs.

My Device: 39 Miles Average speed 11 mph Ride Leader: Dave Bennett

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