Many meetings and fresh tar – Leisure ride to Elm Farm

3 guest riders raised our number to eleven, but we couldn’t find a football so had to go cycling instead. Avoiding the roadworks we sped up the Greenway and thence past the Tennis Club to Besore and then Twelveheads, where the road is now newly resurfaced- Hoorah!

Taking the Chacewater road and up at Sunrise farm we avoided the pedal-snapping option to reach Creegbrawse. More new tarmac on the lanes to Wheel Busy meant our bikes were still squeaky clean when we got to Smoky Joes. No option than to take the muddy track to Wheal Peevor. This proved the undoing of our ride leader who punctured very soon after this. Not wishing the embarrassment of ten people watching me fumbling to replace the tyre, the peloton was sent ahead to the Café.

Whilst taking the sun and refuelling we were joined first by Hugh and then by Bob Jewell and had the chance to catch up with both as well as having a chat with Susan, Jo and Ollie.

Setting off up mile Hill we were overtaken by the 9 O’ Clock group who kindly waited for us at the EcoPark. Thom left at this point with the fast folks and we gradually separated on our route home, which included more new tarmac at Kea Downs. Finally arriving back at the Piazza we were re-joined by Malcolm and Janet, who had kindly remembered they had stored a jacket earlier in the day. Noble deed award pending!

25 Miles; average speed 10mph.  Couldn’t be much more “Leisure Ride” than that

Janet, Malcolm, Thom, Dave B (RL), John F, Jude, Mark R, Niq plus Sue, Jo and Ollie.


  1. Hugh Bryson · · Reply

    Always good to catch up with you all 🙂

  2. Coincidentally, Chris F also had a puncture while leading the 9 o’clock ride.

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