First Leisure Ride since Lockdown 19th July

Dave B , Mark Stubbs and James (Guest rider) managed to find sufficient space in the Piazza to maintain social distancing and depart promptly at 10:00. The motivation for a quick getaway partly due to the arrival of an ancient Mod on a Scooter in desperate need of having its Carburettor adjusted.

Heading for the crystal clear air of The Greenway, we ascended to Highertown and past the Tennis Club, Mount Prickle and Besore. Here a short section on the Devoran road to turn for Wheal Jane and freewheel to Bissoe (almost).

Arriving at Twelveheads to discover that the bridge had been re-opened (so no need for our little detour through Wheal Jane after all) we turned towards Chacewater. Branching left at Sunrise Farm our Trio reached Creegbrawse by the sensible route.

Tiny lanes lead us to Smoky Joe’s where we head for Mount Hawke via Consols. Whoosh down and crawl up to Dunkirk Farm; we elect to avoid the winds around the Beacon and take piggy lane to GoonBell. Then it is through Silverwell to Chybucca where we finally feel the wind on our back and zoom to Allet.

Turning left towards St Allen we return to Truro by way of Idless but decide it’s too close to home to bother with a coffee stop just at the moment.

27 miles 10mph average so a borderline short Intermediate ride?


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