Entry for Bob Mansbridge Memorial Ride

The Bob Mansbridge Memorial Ride 2019
The full route-sheet and GPX files for the Truro Cycling Club Bob Mansbridge Memorial Ride in aid of Parkinson’s UK. can be downloaded from the main Truro Cycling Website. 160 km/ 100km / 55km / 40km versions are provided.

Entry donation £10.75       Pay Now

Child under 16 £5               Pay Now

I understand that all entrants take part and ride as individual tourists and, as such, indemnify the T.C.C. and the organizer against any claim for any loss, damage or injury to such entrant’s property or person, however caused. I agree to abide by all the Highway Code and Road Traffic Regulations.

We cannot accept unaccompanied riders under 16 years of age.


  1. Dominic Sherlock · · Reply

    Hi Ive just paid via Paypal – how do i gain access to the gpx file for the short ride, please?

    Dominic Sherlock

    1. Hi Dominic. Last minute route checks are being made. Then gpx files will be on their way.

  2. Hi I’ve just registered online could I have GPS file for 100k route please

    1. we’re just doing the final checks and the files should be with you soon. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

  3. Ian pilkington · · Reply

    Have just registered with my wife’s pay pal (Nadine pilkington) my name is Ian pilkington im going to do the 100km how do I prove tomorrow i have signed up

    1. don’t worry, Ian, we’ve got your name on the start list.

  4. Kym Martindale · · Reply

    hi there, looking forward to this, but couldn’t open GPX file – no app, and no means of acquiring one!

    1. You should be OK following the written instructions.

  5. kevin stevens · · Reply

    I have registered paid via paypal with my wifes paypal account but have received no email ,to allow me to download route . has my registration gone through?

    1. Email sent earlier this afternoon. We’ll re-send.

  6. Peter Potter · · Reply

    Hi, I’ve just signed up for the 100k ride, but haven’t received a route map. This might be because my previous card details had expired and I had to submit new card details at the end of the process. Could you please send me map route to pete_potter@hotmail.com. Thank you

  7. Roy kemp · · Reply

    Just paid the donation is that the entry information you need.

    1. Yes, that’s fine Roy. You should receive your route information by email. Look forward to seeing you when you sign in tomorrow.

  8. Beth Mottart · · Reply

    I am a bit confused by the entry process as it does not ask for details. I sent of £10 via paypal about a week ago. I have an online receipt
    . Please confirm that you have my entry, and send me the route sheet. Thanks

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