Rides and Events

All  rides start from  Lemon Quay, Truro unless otherwise mentioned


15th Oct           10.00 Leisure Ride                 25 miles     Elm Farm              Dave Bennett

22nd Oct          9.00 Club Ride                        45 miles      Stithians               Jeremy Bond

22nd Oct          10.00 Intermediate                35 miles      TBA

22nd Oct          10.00 Leisure Ride                 25 miles      Porthtowan        John Flowers

There is usually an informal intermediate grade ride on Wednesdays starting at 10am from 108 Coffee Shop, Kenwyn St.  The Wednesday ride and the Sunday 9 o’clock Club Rides are generally organised via WhatsApp.

Grading of Rides

EASY/LEISURE RIDES are for anyone, including families and beginners, who just enjoy a leisurely ride in company. About 20 to 35 miles maximum at a target average speed of between 8-10 mph.

INTERMEDIATE RIDES are targeted at an average speed of between 11 -13 mph, over a distance of 30 to 45 miles.

CLUB RIDES are ridden at about 13-16 mph average over a distance of 45 to 55 miles.

Note: Average speeds above do not include stops. Rides will typically involve 3 to 3½ hours riding, plus a 45-60 minute stop for coffee/cake/brunch/lunch as appropriate.

For all rides, ride leaders will do their best to keep the pace within the target speed bracket, but will vary speeds as appropriate to accommodate different abilities of those in the group and depending on terrain. If it is clear that, within a riding group, all of the riders wish to increase (or decrease) the pace slightly, ride leaders will be free to do so but will take extra care to ensure that no rider ‘drops off the back’.



  1. Jan Mamurekli · · Reply

    I was thinking of joining you on a ride this Sunday, is it possible to join you on an intro ride? I’m unsure if you do intro rides? I see you’ve got an intermediate and easy ride on the 6th, this Sunday.
    I can ride for 30-40 miles at an average 15mph speed. I’m still new to cycling however.
    Hope to hear from you!

    1. Jan, I’ve no idea why this has only just come through. Many apologies for not replying. We would welcome seeing you on a Sunday ride. If you average 15 mph for 30 miles, I would suggest starting with an intermediate ride.

  2. Thanks Chris for the fun treasure hunt over xmas

  3. Hugh Bryson · · Reply

    Peter Hargreaves came off his bike on Sunday 8th March and sustained injury to his eye/cheek and chest. I saw him today and it’ll be several weeks before he is sufficiently recovered to ride again. Quite a nasty fall.

  4. Hugh Bryson · · Reply

    27th July will now be an intermediate ride to the Mining Museum, Troon, leader Hugh Bryson

  5. Michael Putman · · Reply

    Jane, my apologies, I now can’t make due to having to fly up to Glasgow on Sunday. But if possible, I would like to join in on a ride as soon as I can, so I will take a look at upcoming rides, then try and pick one where I hopefully won’t be the only one struggling.

    1. We look forward to seeing you whenever you get the chance, Michael.

  6. Thank you very much, Peter for a very enjoyable ‘Mystery Ride.’

    Brilliant weather too!

  7. Michael Putman · · Reply

    I wonder if I could possibly join either your easy ride on the 16th of Feb, or your intermediate ride the week after as a guest rider? I have now been back riding for about a year after many years away from cycling. I ride in London regulary, but would like to get into riding whilst at home on the week ends.

    1. Michael, you’re very welcome to join the ride. Look forward to seeing you!

  8. A separate room…. free snacks!…..

  9. ohh! change of venue? how come?

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