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Two groups ride as one Crantock 13th September

Two groups ride as one    Intermediate riders were thin on the ground and Dave was slow to  get started so they were engulfed amoeboid-like by the easy riders.  Avoiding the likely power-struggle between the Two Ride Leaders, it  was decided for Dave to lead from the front and Jude from the rear.  (How does that saying go again?).  Up Pydar street to Idless, then left at Rod’s turning and right onto  the road out towards Chyverton Castle with much discussion on  pronunciation. Jude helpfully guided the group on a low altitude  route into Goonhavern, where we turned right twice towards Zelah  and then through Fiddler’s Green. Straight on to cross the main road  towards Cubert, but employing Niq’s gambit to avoid the hill we  arrived en masse at Crantock for a well deserved lunch at The Cosy  Nook Cafe.  Refuelled, we headed for Cubert, turning left  to St Newlyn East and  then the gentle undulations of the Halt Road to Mitchell. A familiar  climb towards the Carland Cross plateau and the old road down to  Truthan soon bought us back to retrace our outward journey through  Idless valley.    riders were : Carl Jackaman, Dave Bennett, Damian Coia, Jonathan  Angilley, Niq Carter-Rowe, David Folland, Jude Lawrence, Paul  Delderfield, John Flowers, Debbie Barnett, New Rider: SueHall.  35 miles  Average speed 10mph 

The Elm Tree Saga Part II (The cafe, Penstraze) (August 31st)

The Elm Tree Saga Part II (The cafe, Penstraze) (August 31st) Having rung the Elm Tree Tea rooms, suitably in advance, the staff vouchsafed, that “They could probably just about cope with (the proposed) 8 cyclists” But they also added “You’ll have to order your food in advance, so we can get on with it” […]

The Elm Tree Tea-Rooms Saga Part I, Tehidy Woods (August 16th)

The Elm Tree Tea-Rooms Saga Part I, Tehidy Woods (August 16th) When I rang up the the Elm Tree a few days prior to my August ride, which was scheduled to go there, they went into dither mode… To whit, they said “Well, we, the owners, are away that Sunday, and we’re going to have […]

Ride report Sunday 6th July St Mawes Once More Into The Wind

Once more into the Wind. The bells chiming 10 o’clock were barely audible as the thunderclaps echoed around the piazza. Yet, while most Club Members remained snug in their beds, three hardy souls sought what scanty shelter was offered beneath the drummer. Determined to make the most of the day, Dave, Niq and Debbie ascended […]

TCC Easy Ride to Newquay

Ten Riders left the Piazza in Truro and headed up Moresk and down into the Idless Valley. We climbed out of St Allen up to the A30 near Zelah then through the gap in the hedge and onto Fiddlers Green and St Newlyn East. We then went through the narrow lanes and emerged up on […]

Destination Demelza – easy ride Sunday 26th April 2015

A few cyclists gathered outside Weatherspoons on a cool Spring Sunday. After signing Jane’s book, discussing destinations and pace, nine of us including New Rider John, set off for an easy-paced ride towards Demelza. We left Truro via Moresk and on through Tresillian, Probus and down into Ladock. Our New Rider John had no problem […]

Ride report 5th April Easyteregg ride

Nice to see Jude out with the Club after a few weeks of recuperation and new rider, Vaughan. Easter Sunday starts bright and clear but clouds over as we gather at the Piazza. After a quick round of mini-eggs 11 riders set off up Lemon Street towards the station. Taking the highertown road, we turn […]

Easy Ride Veryan 15.03.15

Ten riders not doing Mother’s Day gathered at Wetherspoons and set off out of Truro via Tregolls Road. Niq (late as usual) caught up with us at Tresillian and we continued on up to Probus and through Trewithen then down  to Grampound. We then turned right towards Creed and on towards Tregony before turning left […]

Easy Ride Report – Sunday 15th February 2015

On arriving at 108 Coffee House on Lemon Quay  I was met with an exodus of TCC shirts falling out the door, prior to riding on the Intermediate Ride. After the signing, the ‘Easy Riders’ set off through town and along the Idless Valley with the sun on our backs and the wind nowhere to […]

Ride Report Sunday 25.01.2015 To Stithians Golden Lion (Again)

Best laid plans to offer a different destination from my usual rides went awry when a midweek phone call to the Star at Porkellis revealed their kitchen was a building site and although they were enthusiastic to be descended upon by assorted cyclist types they would have no sustenance to offer. So once more the […]