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Intermediate ride June 28th to St Columb Minor

Saturday, hot and sunny. Monday, hot and sunny. But we had to go on Sunday, which was wet, dank and dreary as a, well, a wet Sunday. But we are Truro Cycling Club, and rain, mist and a cold wind off the Atlantic only bring out the hero/heroine in every one of us, so we […]

St Columb

Eight of us left the Piazza for St Columb . Via Moresk  then through Tresillian up the Ladock Valley to Fraddon and through Indian Queens . Past Blackacre on up the hill then across to Tresaddern , Tregatillian and down into St Column via the back door. Lunch in the Ring O Bells. Terry the […]


Well, Bedruthan Steps was advertised but since I hadn’t got rid of a two-week cold, and my throat was not in good shape, I suggested that perhaps an easier ride was in order. “Good,” said some, “we didn’t wan to go that far anyway” – so St Columb was decided upon, the original planned route […]